Sue Daigle

Personal Trainer


Certified personal trainer, and OCD Pro body builder. Sue has been a competitor for sixteen years, and has competed in NPC and OCB shows. She placed first in her NPC show in Tampa, Florida, and was her last show. She is also American CPR certified.

Sue has worked with both athletes, body builders, and anyone wanting to get into good shape. She is very passionate about what she does, and loves to help people reach their goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

To reach your goals come see Sue, she will help you get there.


Mike Valente

Personal Trainer




My name is Michael Valente. I am a personal trainer and my primary focus is Interval training and athletic conditioning for strength and speed.


I am currently certified with World Instructor Training Schools and I am dedicated to my clients to achieve results for lifetime health and happiness.


Kelly Perla

Personal Trainer




Kelly is a graduate from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physical Education. From a very young age she displayed a strong passion for sports and fitness, and knew that a career would mirror this.

Her specialty is TRX suspension training. Kelly has worked with various clients of different abilities with one goal in mind: to provide an environment where people will reach their goals and lead a healthy lifestyle while overcoming any challenges along the way.

In her free time (aside from working out) Kelly enjoys spending time outdoors, playing softball, and golf.


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