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Deborah M. MacNeal is a AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer,  Cycling Instructor and Wellness professional with more than 24 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She is accomplished in the development of customized training agendas and motivating clientele to achieve personal goals as  well as optimum health.

Her fitness proficiencies include client assessment, strength training, aerobic conditioning, core training, flexibility and stretching, functional and circuit training, balance and coordination, and lifestyle management.

She is successful in the promotion of exercise enjoyment by demonstrating enthusiasm, energy, and self-confidence and leading by example.



Personal Trainer




Joel Quail is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and specializes in functional fitness, strength progression, TRX Suspension training, HIIT Training, and Small group training. He educates his clients in Fitness Assessment’s, Equipment orientation, Program planning, and Weight management.

Joel believes physical fitness is essential for enhancing Quality of life, and Self-esteem, Not only by improving the body’s movement ability but also improving a more clear and focused mind.

“Any Strong Mind with a Goal and the Proper Plan to achieve that Goal is Equipped with the tools to achieve anything” / Joel Quail.



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